The decision to run PPC advertising campaigns with Google AdWords is an option to consider when planning an online marketing strategy. The execution of PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising campaigns with Google AdWords is usually quick to program and timely with the results. Of course, they must be accompanied by experts in this field so that all benchmarks are met. Google AdWords is the best choice for PPC advertising campaigns in particular.

But what exactly are PPC pay-per-click campaigns? A pay-per-click campaign promises exactly what it says in its definition: the compensation is based on the clicks users make to the advertised website. So the advertiser pays only for conversions to his own website, direct clicks.

The effectiveness of Google AdWords in paid PPC advertising campaigns on search engines lies in the coherence of the use of keywords that correspond to the query (question) entered by the user in the Google search bar. Since we all do nothing but ask Google when we need to make a request over the Internet, it makes sense to use Google AdWords PPC advertising campaigns to promote the site and get more attention to the brand or product.


An interesting option that should not be underestimated is the possibility of entering parameters such as geographical location, language and demographic data. In addition to the possibility of conducting pay-per-click advertising campaigns, also known as cost-per-click (CPC), there are two other types of offers:

CPM (Cost per mille) or TCP (thousand contact price) – Pay a fixed amount for every thousand ad hits. This type of advertising is to be preferred for those who have a new business and want to introduce the brand, brand awareness and acquire visualizations. This type of offer is not linked by keywords with the search engine. The ad is then visible to those who perform similar search fields in network ad mode (remarketing). This type of advertising is also useful for those who want to advertise an event or promotion.

Everything that is necessary must be included in the advertisement.

CPA (Cost Per Action) – once you have set yourself a goal to achieve, such as selling a particular product or downloading a paid file, you set the maximum cost you are willing to pay to achieve that goal.

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